Why Teach in HISD?

Houston Independent School District employs teachers who operate with a sense of urgency and will do whatever it takes to ensure that all of our students leave as Global Graduates — possessing skills that will prepare them for success in college and to compete in today’s global workforce.


At HISD, we offer competitive compensation, a generous benefits package with time off, and various stipends and bonuses for teachers who teach in critical-needs areas or hard-to-staff schools. We understand the importance of ensuring every child in every classroom has an effective teacher. That’s why our teachers’ starting salary is $51,500 – one of the highest in the region. We believe that having a quality teacher in every classroom is essential to student achievement. Last year, high-performing HISD teachers received a total of $18 million dollars in bonus pay on top of base salaries through the ASPIRE Award Program. For the 2015-2016 school year, core teachers with end of course or EVAAS scores could earn up to $5,4432 in ASPIRE payments. Teachers in critical shortage areas remain a priority in our district. As part of our commitment to ensure an effective teacher in every classroom the district offers the following stipends and incentives

  • Certified bilingual teachers earn an additional $4,000 annual stipend; requires 40 hours of professional development
  • Teachers in core subject tested areas, including end of course testing, at selected hard-to-staff schools receive an additional $5,000 sign on bonus. Eligibility is based on campus, as well as grade and subject taught.


HISD values continuous learning and growth. In order to have an effective teacher in every classroom, HISD invests heavily in the professional development of our educators. You may arrive on campus a good teacher, but our goal is to make you a great teacher.

Our teachers take part in purposeful development that aligns with our core values, which in turns helps all of Team HISD produce students who are Global Graduates. Our trainings are not your average cookie-cutter programs. Teachers collaborate with school and/or district leaders – including appraisers, teacher leaders, mentor teachers, and instructional coaches to create and refine professional development offerings, ensuring they can grow into all-star educators who can work with every type of student. HISD offers over 1,000 course offerings to help make you an even better educator.


HISD knows that some teachers have their sights set on making an impact outside the classroom. That’s why we’ve developed the Career Pathways program, which breaks from the traditional teacher leadership model by offering meaningful opportunities for our highest-performing teachers to take on additional responsibilities, develop new skillsets, and extend their influence – all while remaining in the classroom. Teachers who make the biggest difference for their students also have access to exciting new leadership opportunities.


HISD is the 2013 and 2002 Broad Prize Winner for Urban Education. As the nation's seventh largest school district, we are at the forefront of educational innovation and are committed to getting results for every one of our students.

  • PowerUp – all high school students receive a laptop to use for learning at school and at home. All students and teachers have access to a districtwide online teaching and learning platform.
  • Linked Learning – an educational approach that combines rigorous academics and hands-on learning. Business, medical, and energy companies offer students work-based experiences and certificates.
  • Literacy By 3 – a comprehensive K-12 literacy program that emphasizes reading and writing across subjects.
  • Dual Language – students spend a portion of their day learning in English and the rest of the day immersing themselves in culture and language such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.

HISD teachers are supported every step of the way as they guide our students’ journey from pre-K to Global Graduate.