Interested in Joining HISD Campus Leadership Team?

Houston Independent School District employs campus leaders that demonstrate a passion for excellence, are creative problem solvers, and are not afraid to question the status quo with an unwavering belief that every child can learn. We know that the greatest impact on student achievement happens when there are effective leaders on every campus. As a change agent, Houston ISD campus leaders are positively impacting student growth and achievement, and they are leading the momentum to improve public education across America.

At Houston ISD, we expect our principals to priotize the growth and development of their teachers. Our campus leaders must be proactive in letting our teachers know that they are valued. They must do whatever necessary to ensure, even in classrooms where teachers are still learning how to be effective, that students receive an education that prepares them for the demands of college, career, and life.



  • Pay is based on a combination of the following pay variables: principal experience and school type, size, and complexity.
  • Recruitment and Incentive bonus for principals assigned to hard-to-staff schools
  • Pay range from $74,326 to $130,000 (based on school level, experience, and school type, size, and complexity)

Assistant Principals and Deans

  • Pay range from $61,201 to $100,002 (based on years of credited experience and duty schedule)


HISD values continuous learning and growth. In order to have an effective teacher in every classroom, there must be effective leaders on every campus. To cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, HISD has customized a formative leadership development model designed to facilitate growth of HISD campus leaders in our leader competencies (Go to to review our leader profile). The framework is based on cutting-edge research in educational leadership that emphases the impact of effective leader actions and behaviors for improving student progress and achievement.


At HISD, we are committed to success at all levels. As such, we carefully and methodically prepare our new campus leaders for success. The New Leaders Institute is an intensive training program that provides new and aspiring leaders foundational skills in instructional leadership. Futhermore, leaders are afforded information on both practical matters, such as balancing budgets and analyzing data subjects, and more ethereal subjects, such as managing change, building community, and providing leadership.


HISD is the 2013 and 2002 Broad Prize Winner for Urban Education. As the nation's seventh largest school district, we are at the forefront of educational innovation and are committed to getting results for every one of our students.

  • PowerUp – all high school students receive a laptop to use for learning at school and at home. All students and teachers have access to a districtwide online teaching and learning platform.
  • Linked Learning – an educational approach that combines rigorous academics and hands-on learning. Business, medical, and energy companies offer students work-based experiences and certificates.
  • Literacy By 3 – a comprehensive K-12 literacy program that emphasizes reading and writing across subjects.
  • Dual Language – students spend a portion of their day learning in English and the rest of the day immersing themselves in culture and language such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.